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Mystery and ministry

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Mystery and ministry


Over the past few days, I’ve been laid up with a virus. Just a common one; not the currently world famous one. 

But it has been enough to confine me to the couch for extended periods, and to make this week’s Payneful Truth run late. 

While supine on the sofa, various thoughts have been rambling through my slightly fevered mind. Like:

“There’s now zero chance of me getting everything done before I go on holidays next week”; and

“Maybe failing to have a proper day off in the last four weeks was not a smart move.”

And so on. 

I’ve also been thinking about mystery and ministry. 

This is David Hohne’s fault. In between bouts of sleep, Netflix and televised golf, I’ve been scratching away at his quite profound book about eschatology, The Last Things. It’s a dense and stretching read, and in my current sub-par state I can’t manage more than about three pages at a time. 

My current sub-par state also explains the rambly, incomplete nature of what follows. But I thought it was worth jotting these thou…

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