May 1, 2022 • 36M

Postcard from America

A lively conversation about trellises, vines and gospel-centred ministry in the US and beyond

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Tony Payne
Gospel thinking for today, with Tony Payne and Phillip Jensen.
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Well, as promised, here is a little something from your roving correspondent.

I’ve been here in Ohio for the last several days, working with Marty Sweeney (director of Matthias Media USA) and running a workshop for pastors on ‘Gospel Clarity and Growing the Vine’.

The workshop was hugely worthwhile—certainly for me, and I think for those who attended (if their positivity and thoughtful contributions weren’t just all American politeness). The conversation you can listen to above has Marty and I reprising some of the main topics of the day.

I hope you find it stimulating.

Looking ahead at the program of the next week or so (another conference in New Mexico) I think it might be a case of my over-active optimism to think that I will have time to send another episode before I return home. But I’ll see what I can do …