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Q&A with Evan

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Q&A with Evan

A round up of the month’s questions on singing and mental health, plus some left-field discussion of ‘voluntary assisted dying’.

Well, here’s the the first of my new Q&A with Friends editions of The Payneful Truth. The general idea is a kill-two-birds kind of thing:

  • I’m sure you’d appreciate hearing other voices ‘speaking the truth in love’ each week rather than just mine; 

  • and I would love the opportunity to catch up with various friends (who also happen to be subscribers), to pick their brains and benefit from their biblical wisdom. 

So in these Q&A editions (which will come out towards the end of each month), I’ll do three things: 

  • ask my friend a random question;

  • chat with my friend about the questions that you’ve been raising in the previous month;

  • and then invite my friend to ask me a question of their choosing. 

It might be the kind of conversation that would be easier to listen to than to read—but for those of you who would really prefer the text, there’s a lightly edited transcript below.

My friend and guest on this first experimental edition is Evan McFarlane, the Senior Minister at St Matthew’s Anglican Ch…

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