Dec 6, 2021 • 22M

The 2wtl book: chapter 1

Beginning with God

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Tony Payne
Gospel thinking for today, with Tony Payne and Phillip Jensen.
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OK. I’ve bashed out chapter 1, based on the first box of 2wtl. I’m not really happy with it yet, but it’s a good first working draft—ready to be improved in many ways! A few things to note before you start.

First, assume that I have implemented some of your suggestions in the intro chapter—e.g., that I have defined what the word ‘gospel’ means.

Secondly, I originally started this chapter with some stuff about the Bible and why I would be quoting it, and also why I’d be postponing most of the questions that might arise along the way to the FAQs at the end (e.g. about creation and evolution, and so on). But I think these matters should really be in the intro chapter, not cluttering up the start of chapter 1. So assume that there will be something like the following somewhere towards the end of the intro chapter that you looked at last week:

Before we get into chapter 1, two quick notes about how I’ll go about things.

The first is about the source of our information for who Jesus was and wha…

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