Dec 15, 2021 • 15M

The 2wtl Book: Chapter 2

The human problem

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Tony Payne
Gospel thinking for today, with Tony Payne and Phillip Jensen.
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Well, folks, here’s chapter 2, and I need your particular help with this one.

As it stands, it’s about three quarters done, and I’d love your ideas about how to finish it. (I’ve been especially squeezed for time this week—we’ve started filming the videos for the new ‘Learn the Gospel’ book, based on Two ways to live.)

As you’ll see, I’ve made some decent progress in defining and describing the problem of sin. But I’m yet to finish the final few hundred words that spell out the consequences of our rebellion against God. I’d love your ideas, illustrations, statistics and stories for doing this (as well as your feedback on what I’ve done so far).

As usual, don’t hang back. This is just a first draft!

Thanks again for your help.


PS. A few of you had difficulties last time downloading the pdf. I’m still chasing this up with the substack platform, but I think the problem occurs for some people if they click the link in the email to download the pdf but are not logged in to substack. To fix th…

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