Mar 3, 2022 • 25M

The 2wtl Book: Chapter 5


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Tony Payne
Gospel thinking for today, with Tony Payne and Phillip Jensen.
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This has been an exciting but challenging chapter to write—exciting to draw the threads together and present the gospel message in all its glory; challenging to balance all the many threads, and keep the whole thing simple and compelling and not too long.

One thing I wrestled with is how (or whether) I should address the issue of scepticism about the fact of the resurrection. I know that many of my readers will be thinking it: “People don’t rise from the dead. If this is the nub of your message, can we believe it?”

Then again, I don’t want to lead off the chapter on a defensive or negative note, and assume from the outset that the message we’re proclaiming is hard to believe.

The approach I ended up adopting was to follow Paul’s logic in Acts 17. To proclaim and commend the resurrection and why it was so important, and then to note that ‘some mocked’.

Do you think it works?

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