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The 2wtl Book: Chapter 6

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The 2wtl Book: Chapter 6

The response the gospel calls for

Well, we’re up to the final chapter of the 2wtl book. It’s not the last thing that needs to be written—there’ll be an epilogue or ‘next steps’, plus some FAQs to cover some of the questions I’ve skirted along the way.

But it’s the last instalment that I’m going to roll out in the next little while. For a range of reasons (other pressing commitments, holidays, a trip to the US), I’m going to press pause on finishing the 2wtl book project for 6 weeks or so. When I come back to it, I’m thinking that I’ll finish those last mopping-up sections, then do a second pass through the whole thing (in light of all your feedback), and then send around the whole finished draft for any further feedback (that will be in early June, God willing).

In the meantime, here’s chapter 6, corresponding to Point 6 of 2wtl, which outlines the response that the Christian gospel calls for.

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