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The 2wtl book: Introduction

The 2wtl book: Introduction

A first draft of the intro to a new evangelistic book

Here’s the first draft of the introductory chapter to the new evangelistic book I’m writing, based on Two Ways to Live. (See the PDF below.)

The book will be coming out each week (or so) over the next few months here at The Payneful Truth. For more info about this project, and why I’d like your help, see here and then here.

To receive each draft chapter as I write it, and to comment and give feedback, you’ll need to be a regular subscriber. To help you do that, here’s a free 90-day trial.

90-day free trial subscription

Each chapter (including this intro) will be in PDF form, with line numbers (see below). This is to make it easy for everyone to comment, and to be able to refer to particular sections or paragraphs or sentences. Send your comments and feedback to

(I’ll also record each chapter as a podcast, for those who prefer to listen.)

Happy reading.


The 2wtl Book (intro)
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