Hi Tony

I get your logic about isle 12 at Woolies and how it applies to the real world, eg Scott Morrison, yet I'm really waiting and looking forward to next week!

The thing about Michael's question that I want to echo, is when I see leading Christians chasing or promoting causes, which, I, in humility, pretty much believe are in direct contrast to Micah 6, and even Romans 13, it is incredibly hard to say or do "little or nothing". I rarely, if ever enter the social media world to respond, mostly, its a sit at home, and think, "what on earth are they doing!" Yet, and again, I'm keen to see what you say, I think poor or wrong policy, decisions, etc need to be called out or at least challenged, so we can get the full story.

Going back to isle 12, as a spectator, I may see you take extreme action, such as throttle your children or worse, which does need to be called out.

In the past I have done things like directly contact local politicians or write letters to those concerned rather than join the social media backwards and forwards circus.

So maybe I misunderstood "say little or nothing" but if we pick our issues, again, in humility, I think we cannot just let some things be unsaid.

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