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Hi Tony

Once again, another helpful and challenging article.

It is interesting that recently so much has rightly been focused on leadership and strategy. These areas are important, but you also mentioned devotion to prayer. As I reflect on the Bible one reason for things not working is that God's people do not rightly honour him as God and this is reflected in our trust and dependence in him shown through a lack of prayer. Speaking personally I struggle to pray constantly, even regularly. Am I devoted to prayer? Are we as God's people devoted to prayer? Prayer for the lost. Prayer that we would grow as God's disciples. Prayer that we would live such lives that we would make a difference for God in our. At the church I was at, I would often say, nothing of significance will happen unless we pray. I pray that I will keep on remembering and living it!

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I really like this Tony. Those six points are very helpful.

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