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The new ‘Two ways to live’

Slouching towards Bethlehem

Questions and parables

One gospel, many forms

Sometimes you can’t make it on your own

Always two there are

Strategy, schmategy

Is the church a family or an enterprise?

Q & C about training and pastors

The kind of pastor that's hard to find

Pars to ponder: Pride and perversity

Conspicuous sins

Book talk: John Woodhouse and 'Dominion: the making of the Western mind'

Back to School #2: The power of a patient culture

Back to School

Pars to ponder: Should we take unbelief seriously?

Why not you?

The training culture

A short theology of work

The Christian's career

The Bible verse that still kills me

Revising the 'Two ways to live' outline

Is it worth fixing?

What about ‘masculinism’? (audio)

What about ‘masculinism’?

What if ministry doesn’t work?

Shortest summary of feminism ever

Shortest summary of feminism ever

The heavenly congregationalist

Essential Services Pt 3: Back to church

Payneful Extra: A world built on generosity

Essential Services Part 2: Think cosmic, act local

Essential services: Part 1 — The why of church

The power of reading … slowly

Uncovering the principles in our pragmatism

George Floyd and the Problem of Goodness

Dear Worthless Cockroach

Teaching, training and why we need both

Apprenticeship to Scripture

The apprentice

The Yeah-But defence

This Corinthian life

I'll have Claytons, thanks

One-another evangelism?

Where two or three are gathered

Neither a prophet nor a prophet’s son

Small groups and ‘church’: what’s the difference?

Why speaking the truth is payneful

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