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The 2wtl Book: Chapter 2

The 2wtl book: chapter 1

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An intro to the intro

The 2wtl book: Introduction

Let's write a book

Did God tell me to write this?

Q&A with Phil

Some more sentences about words

Why I am a creationist

A Swiss Army knife for evangelism

Fear in a time of covid

The blunder in our Bible reading

Work in progress report (Sept 2021)

The third wheel

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Q&A with Marty

What love really is

The two loves

I believe in alien life

These three

Q&A with Simon

The lordless power of Sport

Take heed

Seven types of 'apologetics': Part 2

Work in Progress Report (July 2021)

Seven types of 'apologetics'

Q&A with Evan

How to grow left-lookers

Move right, look left

Is Christianity a locked room?

You knitted me together

Singing and the affections

10,000 reasons our songs are changing

From Aisle 12 to Romans 13

Doing justice

The Sin of Opinion

Is it right to plan for conversions?

What I did on my holiday

A divine madness

Mystery and ministry

A 50% Payneful discount on 'How to walk into church'

Bonus article: How to prep a sermon

Same same but different

Your comments and questions

What is the preacher doing?

Confessions of a teenage praise junkie

Should we keep the livestream?

Making God bigger

Church meeting templates

Back to church … with better meetings

The word of God is not restricted

Ministry or ethics?

Spiritual golf lessons #3: Forget the last shot

Spiritual golf lessons #2: Trust your swing

Spiritual golf lessons #1: The fundamentals